New Research on the Efficacy of Calvert’s Curriculum

Building deep understanding and creative problem solving skills

As part of Calvert’s commitment to student success, we engaged an independent research organization to assess student performance and engagement with Calvert’s 2018/19 curriculum across K-8 grade levels.

This analysis was based on initial data collected in the Fall of 2018. It was conducted by LearnPlatform, a research organization with a mission to expand equitable access for all students to education technology that works. The data analyzed was based on student work in Calvert’s curriculum. This study will be followed up with additional research from EDC, a global nonprofit that has advanced lasting solutions in education since 1958.

The study was conducted among two different virtual schools in different parts of the U.S. with a broad range of student populations, one in Michigan and another in Washington. The sample consisted of a total of 369 students across the K-8 spectrum.

Key findings:

Initial data shows that Calvert students are achieving success at high levels. Across schools, grades and subjects:

Calvert students achieved an average score of 93% on summative assessments focused on mastery

Calvert students achieved an average score of 93% on summative assessments focused on mastery. These assessments show students’ deep understanding of content knowledge i.e. an ability to apply what they’ve learned in new situations. These assessments are open-ended, aligned to standards, and graded by schools using rubrics. These assessments were completed on Calvert’s platform at the end of every lesson.

Calvert students averaged 85% on summative assessments based on students’ final project deliverables. These show students’ ability to analyze, evaluate, and create using the content knowledge and skills they’ve learned to solve real-world problems. These assessments require students to create a final project deliverable in whatever format works best for them, and the projects are graded by schools using standards-aligned rubrics. This data was collected on Calvert’s platform at the end of all project-based units (approximately half of all units).

90% of all students using Calvert report that they are excited to work on Calvert projects

90% of students report that they are excited to work on the projects in the curriculum. This data is collected directly from students on the Calvert platform at the beginning and end of each project-based unit.

Analysis powered by LearnPlatform Powered by LearnPlatform

Supporting Educators and Students Every Step of the Way

In addition to the curriculum, Calvert provides resources that support teachers and parents in the process of building creative thinking skills. These include detailed teaching notes, supply lists, and grading rubrics aligned to standards. Rubrics set clear expectations and grading criteria for parents, students and of course teachers.

Engaging the imagination, developing critical problem-solving skills and building confidence. Calvert is your partner in making it happen.