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A renowned U.S. Curriculum with a tradition of excellence, fully accredited, with flexible options.

International Schools choose Calvert to provide their students with a high-quality U.S. curriculum. Trusted for over 110 years, our K-8 program meets the highest international standards to prepare your students for future success, with full accreditation and an unsurpassed reputation.

The Calvert Learning curriculum can be used with your school’s LMS (or our intuitive Calvert Teaching Navigator platform). We also provide schools with certified teachers who build relationships with their instructors, and grade and evaluate student-completed assessments.

A History of Educating Students All Over the World

American English School’s class of 2012, the first Calvert class in Taiwan – getting together before going off to college at Columbia University NYC; UC Berkeley; UW Madison; UM College Park; UBC Vancouver; University of Toronto; and National Taiwan University.

The Calvert program was developed over a century ago and has been used by students and schools in 90 countries around the world. Through our extensive history, we have come to understand the unique needs of international schools and their families who are looking for a high-quality U.S. education option for their students.

Strong Foundations for K‑8 Students, with English Language Learning (ELL) Supports

“We teach children not only how to receive knowledge but also how to ask for — and find it— independently. I see the difference that Calvert makes in my students’ thinking every day.”

– Teacher at Annie’s English School in Taiwan

K-8 students learning with Calvert build strong foundations that last a lifetime. We also have an optional curriculum experience for English Language Learners. Courses now include text-to-speech and dictionary tools throughout all courses. In addition, phonics and cultural context supports have been built into our English Language Arts program to provide students with a better foundation of skills and promote fluency. Learn more about our curriculum for:

All courses meet the standards of iNACOL and Quality Matters, organizations that provide quality assurance and certification on educational excellence.



Renowned, accredited, U.S. curriculum, and teaching support services

Well-recognized by educators and parents

Specialized ELA Curriculum for English Language Learners

Created to help ELL students gain background knowledge and fluency.

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We have been teaching Calvert in Taiwan for twenty years. The results have been amazing.

— Paul & Carrie Tillinghast, American English School Owners in Taiwan