5th Grade

Making Meaningful Connections Across Subjects

5th Grade student practices composition skills

In 5th Grade, students will begin to draw meaningful connections between American History, Literature, and Geography as they read texts ranging from the Newbery award-winning Hatchet to the illustrated Explorers of North America.

With our detailed lessons, 5th-grade students will:

  • Continue to develop strong writing skills, composing a short story, op-ed, narrative, and explanatory texts.
  • Develop literary analysis skills while exploring themes, characters, setting, and conflict in texts chosen to engage your child’s imagination.
  • Explore how the Earth’s geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere interact.
  • Investigate the history of the U.S. and his/her home state from Reconstruction through the modern era.
  • Continue developing a strong number-sense, mental-math and problem-solving skills while learning to multiply two-digit numbers, practicing long division, and working with decimals and fractions.

Calvert Learning provides an engaging learning experience for students

Created for schools to guide students in a virtual or blended learning setting, Calvert curriculum includes:

  • Quality texts and online resources from top education publishers.
  • Lesson Manuals with daily lesson plans and step-by-step instructions.
  • An online learning platform, the Calvert Teaching Navigator, that provides 24/7 access to texts, manuals, interactive activities, assessments, progress tracking tools, and more.

Calvert Learning offers curriculum to schools in 2 formats

Fifth grade is available in a Digital + Print Experience or in a Digital Experience. With the Digital + Print Experience, students will have access to online lessons with multimedia, interactive activities and assessments IN ADDITION to printed textbooks, workbooks and reading materials that complement learning. With our Digital Experience, students have access to the same texts and materials via e-textbooks and digital downloads.

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Calvert's 5th Grade Courses Include:

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  • Social Studies

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    Art & Picture Study

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    Physical Education

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