Building Creative Problem‑Solving Skills

The Future Demands Creative Problem‑Solving


A fast-changing world requires creative problem-solving to address the challenges of today and the unpredictable ones of the future.

The world is changing. Quickly. Challenges we never knew existed are unfolding at an increasing pace, and students need creative problem-solving now more than ever as part of part of the modern skillset.
97% of global educators feel it’s important that students learn creative problem-solving in schools. Yet, according to research, the vast majority of educators feel that curricula does not do enough nurture creative problem-solving skills. Calvert provides the foundation with fundamental skills that prepare students for success not only in the classroom, but in life.

Project-based Learning

Calvert’s approach to project-based learning builds creative problem-solving skills by having students tackle real-world, relevant challenges that require independent thinking. Students may be asked to open a frozen yogurt shop, present a weather forecast on a mock TV broadcast or prepare a personal atlas for the King and Queen. Students are encouraged to take a unique perspective and demonstrate their mastery in vibrant, expressive ways.
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