Calvert Instructional Service

Support for teachers that drives learning forward.

Teachers are often stretched with demanding workloads and busy schedules. Calvert’s Instructional Service backs them up with professional support and a multi-faceted approach that includes grading and feedback, reporting and enhanced communication.

Feedback from Calvert Coaches is always:

  • Personalized
  • Encouraging
  • Instructional and relevant to the learning
  • Provided within 72 hours

Grading and feedback from Instructional Coaches

Calvert’s certified Instructional Coaches provide relevant and timely feedback on assessments. They free up your teaching staff so they can spend more time on instruction and other activities. Learning Guides and students both benefit from personalized, written feedback and encouragement from experienced teachers.

Diagnostic Testing Provides Data for School-Wide Improvements

Students enrolled in Calvert Instructional Services complete i-Ready Diagnostic tests at the start and finish of each school year. This testing tracks growth and allows for data-driven conversations for all members of the learning team.

Enhanced Communication for Learning Team Success

Calvert facilitates communication with all members of the learning team: school administration/facilitators, the Calvert Instructional Coach(es), the Learning Guide, and student. When all team members are communicating seamlessly, students benefit and thrive academically. We ensure communication flows with:

  • Meet and greets
  • Scheduled monthly touch points with your school’s admin or facilitator
  • Tools for Learning Guides and Students to send messages to Instructional Coaches


Live Interaction That Deepens Connections

a Calvert Teacher conducting a live lessonSchools with Calvert Instructional Service have an option for Live Interaction that includes:

  • Live, online Family/Class Orientations
  • Real-time sessions with students and/or classroom teachers

Calvert’s Instructional Service is part of a broader experience that provides support for teachers every step of the way.