Reporting and Insights

Bullet Proof Attendance Tracking and Insights to Improve Student Performance

Calvert provides easy access to reports that show student attendance, progress and performance with great detail. Insights include:
Reports for all members of the learning team. These include:

  • Attendance reports – the number of online lessons taken, parent attendance inputted and time between earliest and latest online activity for each student by day.
  • Progress and Performance Summary – a snapshot of each student’s overall performance score and progress by course.
  • Detailed Activity – an online activity log with timestamps, including logging in and out, clicks on external resources links and assessments submitted.

Reports for teachers to identify and address performance and attendance issues. With Calvert, teachers can see reports for individual students and a class-wide level.

Calvert's Teaching Navigator Learning Management System Dashboards

Administrators gain insights on teacher activity. You’ll see the last log-in, length of time online, in which classes/shows and the number of assessments graded during specific time periods.