An Experience That Supports Teachers Every Step of the Way

Every aspect of the Calvert Experience is designed to support teachers and elevate their instruction. Whether or not your school opts for Calvert’s Instructional Service, all teachers using Calvert’s curriculum benefit from:

  • An Intuitive Framework that guides teaching and learning (Project/Learn/Use/Show)
  • Teaching Notes – triggers teachers to look for specific responses, cues them to ask questions aimed at gauging understanding, and enables them to suggest key resources.
  • Rubrics with clear criteria for grading. Rubrics help teachers share expectations for projects and show alignment to standards.
  • Quick Checks – provide immediate and frequent feedback on student understanding of concepts, in addition to more comprehensive assessments
  • More to Explore – recommended resources help individual students learn, with differentiation in mind.
  • Reporting and Insights – Reports help teachers identify performance or attendance issues, so they can be addressed. Teachers can see reports for individual students and at a class-wide level. Calvert reports document engagement and progress, not just attendance. They show clicks on external resources links, assessments submitted and more. Learn more about Calvert’s reporting.

Need to free up your teacher’s time? Learn more about the Calvert Instructional Service and Training and Professional Development options.