The Calvert Difference

What makes Calvert unique? It’s not one thing. It’s many:

  • Trusted for 112 years, Calvert has specialized in nontraditional educational settings and experiences since 1906.
  • A true partner with a mission. We don’t compete with your school for enrollments. On the contrary, we help schools keep and grow enrollments. As a mission-based organization, we believe every student should have a high-quality education, no matter where or when they learn.
  • Building creative-problem solving, independent thinking and ability to apply knowledge in real-world situations. When students focus on simply memorizing facts and searching online for quick answers, it does not serve them well long term. To succeed in a fast-changing world, today’s students need educational foundations and skills that help them adapt and thrive when facing new challenges. Calvert exists to support educators and families in making that happen.
  • Project-based learning at the core, with a framework that guides teaching & learning. Calvert projects are not side activities; they are carefully developed and central to the learning experience.
  • Digital-only or printed materials too. Calvert’s engaging digital learning experience is also available with optional printed materials that complement digital.
  • Flexible options. Solutions are modular and can be tailored for your school’s unique needs. Our curriculum, platform and services were all developed with flexibility in mind.