Built with Flexibility and Ease-of-Use in Mind

The Calvert Teaching Navigator

Our easy-to-use online platform is designed to facilitate the teaching and learning of our curriculum in the virtual environment.

Teachers can track progress, performance, and pace through a helpful, easy-to-use dashboard in real time, providing maximum flexibility for moving through the Calvert curriculum.

The platform will also give you the ability to measure student engagement time to meet your district attendance requirements.

The Calvert Teaching Navigator provides:

  • Tracking of performance, progress, pacing, and attendance at a class or student level
  • View Teacher notes, answer keys and grading rubrics in-line
  • Inline, embedded assessments with teacher grading interface that provides the ability to provide feedback via comments, file upload or audio recording
  • Clear view of standards (in Lesson view)
  • Admin access to manage classes – add/remove students or teachers, set start and end dates
  • Ability to customize content

Calvert's Teaching Navigator Learning Management System Dashboards