Support Services

Tailored for Virtual School Success

The Calvert support staff is second to none and unlike other educational vendors, Calvert puts education and what is best for children first.

— Charles Heckel, Principal, Rural Virtual Academy

Unlike others, Calvert does not compete with educators by running public virtual schools. Instead, we use our time and energy to partner with you. We provide expert analysis on program structure, products, services, and staffing recommendations. This provides the ability to develop a strong partnership from launch to ongoing services and support activities – ultimately encouraging program success.

With Calvert, a committed team goes to work for you from day one:

  • A dedicated Program Manager handles everything from onboarding for an easy transition to implementation to ongoing support. Your manager is there to serve as your single point of contact if any questions arise or your teachers need immediate help.
  • Certified Education Counselors are available to back up regular teaching staff, ensuring that students never feel alone. They can provide support, alternative learning strategies, and practical advice to keep students engaged and on track.
  • Our experienced Technical Support team is ready to offer assistance to you and your teachers. They understand the needs of virtual schools and how to support them.
  • 24/7 Support Service Site – for on-demand access to helpful resources.

We also provide a variety of optional premium services to support our partners in key areas:

  • Instructional services from state-certified teachers
  • Placement/Diagnostic Testing
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Academic coaching
  • Student recruitment, enrollment, and retention services
  • Program Consultation Services

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