Training and Professional Development

Invest in your staff and elevate their instruction. New clients receive a 4-part training series that focuses on how to get started with Calvert. Additional sessions and Professional Development sessions are available in our catalog. Your staff will benefit from lessons learned across hundreds of schools, with training from our certified teachers and resident experts.


Additional topics are aimed specifically at increasing teachers’ virtual and blended learning competencies

  • Becoming a Virtual Leader
  • Virtual Teacher Support for Leaders
  • Best Practices for Online Teaching
  • Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy
  • Creating a Sense of Community in a Virtual Environment
  • Creating Live Lessons
  • Effective Live Virtual Instruction
  • Collaboration Best Practices
  • English Language Arts and Literacy
  • Cyberbullying

In addition to Calvert’s general training series, a specialized Content Customization session is available (and encouraged) that shows teachers how to edit our courses and lessons. Following your launch year, Calvert provides follow-up training sessions each new school year to bring stakeholders up to speed on any changes and updates to our curriculum and platform. Known as the Calvert Advanced Training Series, this series involves three sessions designed to ensure successful launches year after year.

Training sessions are delivered via webinar, asynchronously, or onsite and can be customized to meet your school’s individual needs.